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Mobiler CH2O Gas Generator GENNY 2.0

Safe decontamination with formaldehyde.

Powerful formalin gas generator system. As the first gassing generators on the market, Ortner's Genny generator systems enable safe, externally monitored room decontamination using formaldehyde.

The Genny 2.0 communicates interactively- even with third- party systems. Thanks to the variably adjustable volume flows of up to 350 m³/ h and the process diversity offered, decontamination can be realized via nozzle and ventilation systems even over long distances.

The generated gas flow can be introduced into the room "intensively highly concentrated" or "gliding continuously built up".

This compact, powerful system is suitable for highly efficient decontamination processes and room volumes of up to 100 m³.

 A white box with rounded corners on wheels. The top, as well as the front orange. In the middle is a depression in the form of a strip. There on the left side it says "ortner" and below that "cleanrooms unlimited". In the right corner of the orange part it says "Genny 2.0" under it "Formalin Generator" and under it "CH2O". On the left side of the box, two silver tubes stick out in the lower part. One of them has a lid. In the upper left corner of the white side part is a small closed door. On the top of the box there is a tablet in the center. To the left of it is a red and yellow button and a small gray button. Behind it is a small yellow glass bar that is slightly rounded on the top. On the left and right corners of the box is a long silver bar that serves as a handle. On the upper left edge is also such a handle.

A Necessary Procedure for Certain Applications

For many special applications, such as foot- and- mouth disease, or the occurrence of certain viruses for which there is still no documented proof of efficacy of H2O2 decontamination technology, this still remains the only and also practicable method.

  • HIGHER SAFETY AREAS (Bio- Safety Level Laboratory)
  • NICLE AREAS (e.g., hatcheries or equivalent animal housing).
Decontamination using formaldehyde
In some areas, decontamination using formaldehyde is mandatory and required by authorities.

Pros & Cons of CH2O Decontamination


  • Good germ reduction (sterility)
  • Active against bacteria, viruses, and fungi
  • RKI- accepted procedure


  • Toxic process
  • Very long cycle times
  • Extensive and strict legal requirements

Expertise and Process Understanding

The Ortner formaldehyde gas generators are designed as fully automated systems for rapid and safe decontamination processes.The operator can select and start a cycle externally via the LAN interface.

All operating states of the plant, actual values of the sensors, process times, alarms and current cycle data are provided via the LAN interface.

Powerful, Fully Automatic and Safe

Zoom in on the top of an orange box. At the rounded upper edge, there is a white area. In this area is a small screen and to the left of it a red button.
Process signaling red/ green/ yellow
Zoom in on the rollers attached to the bottom of a white box.
Swivel castors with directional lock
Zoom to the top corner of a white-orange box. The edges are rounded. The white side part has a horizontal bar above and a vertical bar on the right.
Easy and free manipulation
Ortner Plus Symbolgrafik

Ortner PLUS

  • Powerful evaporation module without cooking pot principle
  • Integrated heater module
  • Automatic room or chamber clearance measurement for utilization release
  • Permanent limit value monitoring
  • Automated graphical display of concentration curves
  • Suitable for controlling clocked nozzle systems
  • User- friendly recipe management
  • Automatically controlled volume flow up to 350 m³/ h

Degradation of Formaldehyde After Fumigation

Neutralization can be achieved by the application of ammonia, or residue- free chemisorption.

Larger quantities of formalin can be evaporated via external reservoir expansion.

Full front phone of the Mobile CH20 Gas Generator 2.0egradation of formaldehyde via scrubber system
Degradation of formaldehyde via scrubber system

Neutralize Formaldehyde Without Ammonia

This completely eliminates the need for tiresome post- cleaning, and is more environmentally and user- friendly:

  • Via Chemisorption System: After gassing, the gas is neutralized via a chemisorption system.
  • Via Scrubber System: The gas is washed out via an air scrubber system. This eliminates the need for tiresome post- cleaning and makes handling much easier.



Technical Data

Plastic (ABS)
Rated power
6 kW/ 14 A
Rated voltage
230 VAC or 3 × 400 VAC/ 50 Hz/ N/ PE
electronic speed control
Siemens S7 1200
Storable cycles
1- 10 (optionally expandable)
High precision metering pump +/- 1%
Pump life
10 000 operating hours
0- 6000 g
Process signaling (red/ green/ yellow)
Injection rate
1- 12 g/ min
Ambient temperature
0- 40 °C
Volume flow
variable up to 350 m³/ h
Hose connections
DN 32 Tri- Clamp
Touch panel
TP 700 Comfort (color)
CH˛O reservoir
up to 5 liters (4- 12% CH2O)
Room volumes
applicable up to approx. 100 m³
Internal piping
stainless steel
approx. 200 kg
Swivel castors
Swivel castors with directional brakes

Weitere Informationen

Additional Options:

Formalin Sensor
Attached gassing nozzle
Comfort display module for remote control via WLAN
Ammonia reservoir 1 liter
Audit trail

System Option:

H14 filter externally docked
Chemisorption for neutralization
Room pressure control
External reservoir expansion

* Non- standard customer or system specific applications.

Standard hardware interfaces:

  • LAN
  • USB
  • Start/ Stop Contact
  • Power Supply
  • Nozzles Control

Standard messages after external:

  • Operation
  • Sum Fault
  • CH2O System
  • Ventilation Active

State-of-the-Art CH2O-Decontamination

The Solution: Ortner Technology & Know-How. Safe. Complete. Clean.  

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