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PDc Cleanroom Clothing

The status quo: Wearing conventional cleanroom clothing in cleanrooms and hygiene areas is a matter of course. Different textile types, materials and weaves cover the needs of various industry requirements. Extensive research and qualification tests confirm the skin compatibility, wearing comfort and retention capacity of Ortner products.

The innovation: PDc cleanroom garments are special cleanroom garments: a cleanroom- proven fabric, dyed with a special dye, produces an antimicrobial effect through irradiation with light without any side effects for the skin. The product is available in different designs with the appropriate supplements.

Clothing Options

  • Jumpsuit
  • Two piece suit
  • Coat
  • Hood with mouth guard
  • Apron
  • Covering cloth


Links steht ein Mann, rechts eine Frau. Beide tragen eine Blaue Schutzhose, eine Schutzjacke und blaue Schutzüberzüge für die Schuhe. Zudem tragen beide weiße Schutzhandschuhe und einen weißen Mundschutz. Der Mann hat die Kapuze der Jacke auf dem Kopf und die Frau trägt eine weiße Schutzhaube. Auf der linken Seite der Brust steht bei beiden „ortner“. Links hinter dem Mann ist ein gezeichnetes blaues Quadrat. Von der rechten oberen Ecke aus gehen weiße Strahlen Richtung linke untere Ecke sowie auch nach oben und unten. Im Quadrat steht zudem „PDcT“ und „Photodynamic Disinfection certified Technology“
A woman stands in a chamber. There is a closed glass door on the back wall. The woman is dressed in a blue protective suit and wears a protective hood, cap and gloves in white. She has both her arms raised above her head and is holding on with her hands to black rods coming out of the side walls to her left and right. On the left edge of the chamber go from top to bottom evenly distributed several small black circles, from which comes a small white rod.
Microbiological germ reduction up to 98%.
In a test tube is a small square piece of cloth. A pipette can be seen above it.
Numerous tests have been performed on the effectiveness of the special photodynamic tissue
A man is standing on the left, a woman on the right. Both are wearing blue protective pants, a protective jacket and blue protective covers for the shoes. In addition, both are wearing white protective gloves and a white mouth guard. The man has the hood of the jacket on his head and the woman wears a white protective hood. On the left side of the chest, both have "ortner" written on them. On the left behind the man is a drawn blue square. From the upper right corner white rays go towards the lower left corner and also up and down. The square also says "PDcT" and "Photodynamic Disinfection certified Technology".
Design and shape according to customer requirements


"Extensive tests have confirmed the function, efficacy, effectiveness and suitability of the photodynamic fabric for industrial use. Among others, independent scientific testing institutes such as the renowned Hohenstein Institute for Textile Innovation and the recognized Fraunhofer Institute IPA have conducted extensive tests and even awarded the technology a prize."

Dastex Cleanroom Accessories GmbH & Co. KG
Carsten Moschner

 A person in a blue protective suit with white gloves and a green protective hood is standing in front of a cabinet. She is opening one of the narrow doors.
PDc cleanroom clothing can be disinfected in the PDc wardrobe system until the next use
 A person wearing blue protective clothing, a protective hood and gloves is standing in a shower with his back to the camera. At the person's head level there are black handles that the person is holding on to. To the left and right in front of the person are several lights that are not turned on. On the left between the lights is a red and yellow button.
While wearing the PDc cleanroom clothing, disinfection happens in the PDc personal air shower
A dark blue shiny fabric, which lies on white background waves and folds.
Ein reinraumbewährtes Gewebe, gefärbt mit einem speziellen Farbstoff
Ortner Plus Symbolgrafik

Ortner PLUS

  • Decontaminate people in their working environment and thus minimize the transmission of germs by humans.
  • The surface decontamination of the textile in the clothed state avoids time-consuming changing processes and constant changes of clothing during work
  • No side effects for the human skin
  • Washing tests according to DIN EN ISO 15797 have been passed

Data PDc- Dastat Tissue

Fabric Type
Dastat- PDcT Type: K21- 78- 41- A2 and K11- 78- 31- A
Fabric material
Poyester (PES)
Basis weight
88g/ m²
air permeability
approx. 50l/ min, dm²
color shade
wash fastness
color change 4- 5 at 60C° ISO 9237- C06
Washing resistance
> 80 washing cycles according to RKI 70C° without loss of effect
Antibacterial effect
approx. 99% (Laboratory TU Graz / Roombiotic)
Microbiological efficacy
Grampositive / Gramnegative / protein / lipids / nucleic acids
Cleanroom class suitable
at least C according to GMP / ISO 5-6

"In the research area at the German Heart Center Munich, we have relied on Ortner's photodynamic decontamination technology for several years. By using PDc clothing in combination with the PDc personal air shower, personnel can be effectively decontaminated while clothed. After work, the clothing is placed in the PDc wardrobe, decontaminated and ready for repeated use. This system eliminates the need for disposable clothing and constant changes of clothing. The added benefit is that the special PDc garments are more comfortable to wear than other RR protective suits."

Clinic at the Technical University of Munich
Susanne Neumann

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