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Focus on Hygiene and Safety

The production of dairy products is usually characterized by large processing volumes and the quality of the raw products.

High humidity, low temperatures, fatty substances, complex machine technology, the variety of products and the influence of production- related employees characterize the quality and hygiene concepts of both large and smaller dairies and cheese dairies.

Consistently High Product Quality

When people talk about cleanrooms, they usually have high- tech industries such as pharmaceuticals or semiconductors in mind. But cleanrooms have long become indispensable in other, more traditional industrial sectors as well.

The creation of a microbiologically and particle clean environment is also a key issue in the milk and cheese processing industry. 

Natural Products with Long Shelf Life

Ortners cleanroom system solutions ensure competitive advantage and economic success through:

  • Gentler production possibilities
  • Maintenance of product quality
  • Controlled production environment
  • Stable, constant production conditions
  • Longer product runtimes
  • Longer transport and storage capability
  • Avoidance of returns

Cleanroom Solutions from Ortner for the Dairy, Cheese and Dairy Industry

We place the highest value on the preservation of product quality as well as on flexible, needs-based solutions and standards that far exceed those required by law.

Thanks to technologies used, gentle treatment without chemical preservatives and additional thermal processes is possible.

Keeping Critical Zones Clean

Innovative products and solutions in the laminar flow sector ensure the safe production and packaging of dairy and cheese products: From production lines and machines to processing rooms and service counters. 

Especially in critical areas, such as for slicing and packaging cheese products or in ripening rooms, protection against contamination is essential.

To create a germ- free environment, innovative processes such as UVc surface disinfection and filter technology are used. UVc rays are part of sunlight and disinfect without chemicals or heat. Therefore, the quality of the products is not changed.

Ortner places the highest value on maintaining product quality as well as flexible, needs-based solutions and standards that far exceed those required by law.

Ortner Plus Symbolgrafik

Ortner PLUS

  • Guaranteed consistently high product quality right through to the packaged product
  • Increased product safety
  • Lowest possible bacterial count CFU <1
  • Gentle treatment without chemical preservatives and additional thermal processes
  • Guarantees longer shelf life
  • Keeping the critical zones clean

Depending on your requirements, various plants and systems are available:

Gently and Naturally Extend the Product Life

With innovative and technically sophisticated solutions from Ortner, production areas can be designed to be low in germs without affecting the quality of the food: Without chemical preservatives and additives, the lowest possible bacterial count (CFU) is achieved.

The advantages: increase of shelf life in a natural way, extension of transport and storage life, avoidance of returns, elimination or reduction of preservatives. This results in an immediate quality and competitive advantage for our customers.

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