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Your Requirements

  • Aseptic manufacturing, processing and manipulation of biological materials, active substances, hazardous substances or other highly sensitive products and materials
  • Aseptic filling, sterility testing, and processing of biological materials
  • Aseptic working conditions with the highest sterility assurance of the product and operators
  • Fast and automated bio- decontamination of the isolator chamber
  • Seamless protection of product and personnel during handling processes in hospitals, clinical pharmacies
  • Demand specific requirements

Ortner Solution

Highly efficient modular isolator systems with fast and safe automated bio- decontamination system for aseptic and/ or toxic processes.


More Productive Thanks to Industry 4.0 Solutions

Ortner isolators follow the paradigm of integrated innovation:

Recurring processes and tasks are automated, and digital solutions are developed and integrated as needed. By integrating the automated and digital solutions, the processes become faster, more efficient and economically better.

Automated processes with digital solutions

Ortners isolator systems were developed on the basis of our many years of experience with this technology. Successful processes have been continuously developed by us on the basis of extensive research activities and optimized according to the respective application requirements.

From risk minimization to energy efficiency: Ortner isolators convince with diverse system functions

Wherever biohazards are present (e.g. microorganisms, viruses, toxins, etc.), highly hazardous substances are used. 

A wide variety of Ortner isolator systems are available to choose from where sterile production must be guaranteed during manufacturing and/ or handling or hormones, cytostatics, and teratogenic substances. 




Air Flow Principle

The exhaust air system extracts the air from the isolator and blows it through a HEPA filter either into the on- site exhaust air system or back into the room. The exhaust fan maintains the air pressure in the isolator chamber at a constant set value, which can be set as positive or negative pressure.

To ensure a certain air exchange in the isolator, room air is blown into the isolator with the supply air module. Optionally, a HEPA filter can be used if the air in the installation room is of low quality. If cooler temperatures are required in the isolator, a cooler is integrated.

A high volume flow is circulated in the isolator and enters the chamber via HEPA filters in the ceiling area. As it does so, the air flows downward with low turbulence, effectively displacing all airborne particles toward the floor.

If there is a risk of substance contamination, e.g. by highly active substances, an additional HEPA filter can be used in the recirculating air. The air leaves the work area via an aerodynamically designed exhaust air slot through a raised floor. This allows the air flow to be adapted to various devices installed in the isolator, such as sterile test pumps, scales, etc. The double floor concept is the only way to ensure that the air can be circulated in the isolator. Only with this raised floor concept can the direction and uniformity of the air flow be guaranteed almost to the working surface.

 On the real image of an insulator taken from the side, colored rectangles and arrows are placed, from which strokes go away, at the ends of which words are written. Starting from the bottom up. At the lowest part there is no colored marking. Here you can see a removable plate, from which two strokes go away. "Lifting system for height adjustment" and "100% knee free". Above that is a horizontal blue stripe from which the words "work surface/double bottom" go away. Next to it, the rear part is marked with a high blue rectangle from which the word "Installation panel (sockets et.)" goes away. Inside this high blue rectangle is a yellow stripe with an arrow pointing out to the left. From this yellow stripe goes the text "HEPA H14 filter (optional)". The part above the horizontal blue stripe is again not color coded. From the left side goes the word "back panel". From the left and right sides two lines go away, which become one leading to the word "airlock door". From the upper right side the line leads to the text "Protection module class A". Above it is a yellow horizontal bar from which seven narrow arrows go down. There is also the text "HEPA H14 filter". Above it is a blue lying rectangle. In the left half is an arrow going from bottom to right and in the right part is a yellow arrow going from right to bottom. To the right of the blue rectangle is no color coding, but the text "Control panel" pointing to a tablet. To the left above the horizontal blue rectangle there are two vertical stripes, one turquoise and one green. From the turquoise stripe goes the text "Air cooler (optional)" and from the green stripe goes the text "Supply air HEPA H14 filter (optional)". Above this text is "Supply air". From this, a thick green arrow goes to the left pointing first to the outer wall of the isolator, a second points to the green vertical stripe, and a third is next to the turquoise stripe. This arrow points first to the left and then down. Just above the upper right corner is a blue horizontal stripe. Off of this is the text "H2O2 catalyst (optional)". Below the blue stripe is a pink arrow pointing up from the bottom. Above the blue stripe is a pink stripe and also a pink arrow. From it go the texts "Exhaust air" and "Exhaust air HEPA H14 filter (optional)". In the upper left corner of the isolator, there are short sticks sticking out. Above them is the word "Media interface".
Ortner insulators
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