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JET- Personnel Air Shower

Safe entry of personnel into the clean room

The removal of especially small particles from surfaces or textiles is technologically highly demanding. Extensive studies by universities and research institutes have shown the limited efficiency of conventional personnel air showers and demonstrate new methods for the efficient removal of particles from cleanroom garments.

Vibrations support the removal process. Ortner JET nozzle technology, for example, enables particles on clothing to be detached or sheared off by means of a pulse and vibration effect. The laminar displacement flow causes efficient particle removal and thus prevents possible re-contamination of the person.

Safe, validatable cleaning process. The optimal body position calculated by means of 3D computer simulations guarantees the most effective cleaning effect and a secure, validatable cleaning process.

A large white cabinet. The door is made entirely of glass, has a black handle and is open. To the left of the door frame is a small gray protruding panel, with two knobs. The top one is green, the bottom one is red and yellow. In the chamber of the cabinet, on the right, in the upper area, there is a green button. At the back, from top to bottom, you can see six black round circles. In the center is again a red-yellow button. Under the top circle is a very small screen. On the right inner wall is a drawing of a hand. There is a button on the palm of the hand. Above the door frame, coming from the right, is a blue stripe that reaches halfway up the cabinet. It says "ortner cleanrooms unlimited" on it.

Optimized Technology for Mechanical Cleaning by Means of Air

Vibrations support the detachment process

The nozzle technology used was designed according to simulation results on air flow and particle transport within an extensive research project with the University and the Research Center of the Graz University of Technology and has been proven to be able to detach particles efficiently.

The optimum body position was determined by means of 3D computer simulations in order to achieve the best possible cleaning effect.

Expertise and Understanding of Technology

Proven efficient particle removal
Physical laws calculated in detail and taken into account in the development of the new Ortner JET personnel air shower have been proven to enable efficient particle removal.

Inward and outward airlocking
The personnel air shower processes can be variably adapted to the respective requirements and can be equipped with all necessary functions for both inward and outward airlocking.

Expertise and understanding of technology

Modern technology
The use of modern regulation, control and visualization technology makes the lock passage safe and informative.


The personel air shower is supplied ready to plug in
Process sequence is visualized via a display
Sensors monitor the correct position of the person
Ortner Plus Symbolgrafik

Ortner PLUS

  • Targeted vibrations on the textile surface support the detachment process
  • 3D computer simulation of body position for most effective cleaning action
  • Orientation points and standing areas for persons in the air shower
  • Monitoring of posture and position by means of sensors
  • Intermittent JET nozzle pulse (from top to bottom over the body)
  • Laminar displacement flow for targeted removal of dissolved particles
  • Visualization of process progress via display for additional information
  • Ready-to-plug-in, factory-qualified system

Technical Data

S 235 ELO RAL 9010 matt
Electrical connection data
230 VAC / 50Hz / 6A
Compressed air
6 bar oil-free
Compressed air consumption
approx. 200 l/30 sec.
Compressed air nozzle
24 pieces
Door lock
electric door lock
2 all-glass doors ESG
Door clearance
800 x 2000 mm (WxH)
Door hinge (freely selectable)
DIN L (unclean) / DIN R (clean)
air outlet speed/nozzle
>50 m/sec
Recirculation air volume
approx. 2000 m³ /h
Test facility
Aerosol test ports
Recirculation filter
HEPA H14 filter
LED light bar red, green, blue, yellow, incl. chamber lighting white
Touchpanel 4,3"
Siemens series 1500
approx. 700 kg

Communication interfaces - Basic equipment

  • OPC interface
  • Scalance router

Floating contacts

  • Sum fault message
  • Access control system (release door in/door unclean)
  • Fire alarm from external



Stainless steel version (1.4301)
Sensors foot position
Connection H2O2 decontamination
Compressed air reservoir
Additional airlock direction
Remote maintenance

Model (dimensions in mm)

Chamber dimensions (W x H x D)
Overall dimensions (W x H x D)
JET pers. LD 2019
1000 x 2000 x 1280
1300 x 2700 x 1300

Impressions JET Personnel Air Showers

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