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Laminarflow CleanCloud (Food)

Germ- free environment for airy baked goods.

Clean air, safe food. Molds and spores are among the major challenges in food production and processing. CleanCloud prevents recontamination by microorganisms right from the start of production, thus ensuring microbiological safety, especially in the production of baked goods.

CleanCloud- a cloud of pure air. Ortner's CleanCloud combines sophisticated, intelligent technology with elegant industrial design. As a partial system, it guarantees maximum flexibility when used in production lines.

The specially developed FlowLine module draws ambient air from the room and reintroduces it into the room as purified, sterilized air directly above the work area. In this way, the production process is accompanied and protected by a "clean air cloud" (CleanCloud).

 A narrow box tilted slightly upwards, with a white frame. In the right front corner is a small blue stripe that says "LF CleanCloud". In the right corner of the side part is also a small blue stripe that says "ortner cleanrooms unlimited". Above the narrow box, in the center, there is a square box, on the front of which there is a depression in the form of fan blades. On top of this box there is another slightly narrower and smaller box. On the bottom of the first described box are two black plates with a very fine grid pattern, clamped in a very narrow white frame.
 In the upper part is a white box, on the bottom of which a white grid is inserted. A conveyor belt runs from the lower right edge of the image to the rear left under the white box. On this treadmill are several toast loaves next to each other.
The CleanCloud system provides optimal protection against germs
 In the center of a large white room are boxes that are connected to each other. From right to left, conveyor belts run upwards. Above, panels hang from the ceiling, on which white cuboid boxes are built. In the right half of the picture, a white box is placed in the foreground; on the front is a rough grid from which a white fabric shows through. A bit further back, the same box is attached.
The product, the production equipment, the transport route, the packaging materials and the container are kept in a microbiologically safe condition throughout the entire route
 On the ceiling in a white room are mounted in a circle several plates, all of which have small black handles. The panel on the left has a small white cuboid box attached to the outside with an elevation in the middle. This elevation has a rough grid with a white fabric showing through. A conveyor belt runs between the attached panels, visible from below. Toast loaves can be seen through the small thin rollers.
The CleanCloud system creates a clean air zone directly in the vicinity of the production area, thus ensuring optimum product protection.

Consistently High Product- Quality Right Through to the Packaged Goods

Ambient air is drawn from the room and reintroduced into the room as cleaned and sterilized air directly through the work area.

The production process is thus accompanied and protected by a "clean air cloud" (CleanCloud).

Laminar Flow- System

"Laminar flow system" refers to a flow technology in which air masses are cleaned laminarly, i.e. calmly. 

The air is sucked in, filtered, and flows out again free of particles and germs.

Product Quality without Preservatives

The Laminarflow CleanCloud guarantees the lowest possible bacterial count (CFU < 1) as well as keeping critical zones clean. In this way, you achieve high product safety in a gentle way - without chemical preservatives or additional thermal processes.

Ortner Plus Symbolgrafik

Ortner PLUS

  • Modular solution ensures maximum flexibility
  • Particularly maintenance- and user-friendly design
  • Applicable for vertical as well as horizontal hurdle flow
  • Complete system complies with HACCP guidelines
  • Very low investment and installation costs

Technical Data

aluminum powder coated RAL 1919
Nominal power
0,5 kW
Nominal voltage
230 VAC / 50 Hz
System control
Bus system
Filter stages
G3 - F7
HEPA filter
H 14
Air volume (circulation capacity)
Max. 1600 m³/h
Protection system
PVC strip curtains 800 mm
Hygienic design*


Stainless steel 1.4404
Workplace lighting
Perforated plate- contact protection
Aprons- PMMA or PC
apron length 1000 mm or variable
Filter unit H14 2000 m³/ h
FFU fan modules
PDc textile air hose
Remote control
Special modules Adaptation to conditions

Dimensions Distribution Modules Standard L x W (mm)

2500 x 800
2000 x 800
1500 x 800mm
2500 x 1000
2000 x 1000
1500 x 1000mm

* Hygienic design: good cleanability, no dead spaces, resistant to common cleaning agents V4A -1.4404.

A FlowLine module developed by Ortner

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