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Gas Distribution Nozzle Light

Room air circulation without particle abrasion.

Rapid air exchange. The Gas Distribution Nozzle LIGHT ensures that the air in the room is circulated as quickly as possible.

Shaping according to CFD simulations. The decontamination nozzle has been designed as a patented system according to state- of- the- art CFD simulations.

The unique design has several advantages: Since the nozzle has no moving elements, particle abrasion can be ruled out. This ensures tht the air circulates within the shortest time possible.

A large metal tube which is connected to a circular plate with nozzles coming out from underneath

Shorter Cycle Times for Higher Efficiency

The Gas Distribution Nozzle Light guarantees room air circulation within the shortest time without particle abrasion.

The optimized air and gas flow of Ortner Decontamination NDozzles allow even faster and more efficient cycle times for bio- decontamination.

Full view view of the Gas Distribution Light shown in a room
Gas Distribution Nozzle Light
Two men installing the Gas Distribution Nozzle Light
Installation of the Gas Distribution Nozzle Light

Patented Nozzle System

The shape and control of the nozzle ensures room air circulation within the shortest possible time. 

Due to the fine- tuned nozzle shape, the gas flow is introduced into the room in the most optimal way. 

The Gas Distribution Nozzle Light has a positive influence for free- purge processes and desorption performance.

CFD- Optimized Design by Ortner Cleanrooms

Full view of the Gas Distribution Nozzle Light system
Full view of the Gas Distribution Nozzle Light
View of the nozzles installed and is seen coming out from the top of the ceiling
Gas Distribution Nozzle Light installed in the ceiling
View of the Gas Distribution Nozzle Light from right underneath it
View of the Gas Distribution Nozzle Light from underneath
Ortner Plus Symbolgrafik

Ortner PLUS

  • Uniform distribution of gas concentrations
  • Strong pulse current due to specialized shape
  • High induction power and depth effect of the gas flow
  • Rapid achievement of a uniform concentration in the room
  • Special room geometries can be optimally gassed

Technical Data

6 nozzle elements
Throwing distance
2x 15 m
Connection diameter
DN 100
Air flow rate
x 130 m³/ h, max. up to 800 m³/h

Weitere Informationen

Additional Options

  • Design as corner nozzle set
  • Ceiling installation kit
  • Cover element

Your Safety in Qualified Hands

The Solution: Ortner Technology & Know-How. Complete. Diverse. Clean. 

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