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Material Transfer Hatch Active Kombi C

The combination transfer hatch for separate material flows.

Simple, practical, efficient. The Active Combi C is the ideal material transfer hatch for efficient handling of separated material flows- especially for use in the pharmaceutical industry, life science production, chemical areas and research facilities (cleanrooms from ISO Class 4 or GMP Class B).

One for all. The separate material flows can take place within one combined material transfer hatch. The top material transfer hatch is where the discharge of materials and sterile go. The bottom material transfer hatch is used for the infeed and outfeed of raw materials or auxiliary materials.

Integrated garbage function. By integrating a waste function, the combinationmaterial transfer hatch can also be used for direct waste disposal in the material transfer hatch.

A person in white protective clothing including protective hood, mouth guard and protective gloves is standing in front of a square door with a glass pane that is open. The door is exactly on her outstretched hand. In the door frame are a green and a red button. In her left hand she holds a transparent plastic bag with white and blue crumpled cloth and protective gloves.
Direct waste disposal through integrated waste function
 Built into a wall is a silver box with two doors, which are made of glass. Both doors are square and have a red and green button above it. On the upper door the red button is lit, on the lower door the green button is lit. Through the glass panes you can see that there are also glass doors on the other side.
Built-in waste system integrated via a quick-change unit
A transparent plastic bag hangs from the top, knotted at the end. Inside is white cloth and blue protective gloves. From the left, there are two hands wearing gloves. The content of the bag above is tied with a black cable tie.
The bottom material transfer hatch is emptied via a door on the unclean side

For cleanrooms from ISO cleanroom Class 4, as well as from GMP Class B

The Kombi Active material transfer hatch was specially designed for use in the pharmaceutical industry, life science production facilities, chemical areas, research facilities, and for cleanrooms from ISO cleanroom Class 4 and GMP Class B upwards.

The top material transfer hatch is designed for the transfer of materials and sterile goods, the bottom material transfer hatch for the transfer of raw materials, auxiliary materials or waste.

Ideal for separated material flows

The photo shows an inside closeup of the Material Transfer Hatch Active Kombi C
Inside view of the Material Transfer Hatch Active Kombi C
A woman wearing protective clothing and blue gloves throwing waste into the Active Kombi C
Inside view of the Material Transfer Hatch Active Kombi C
Inside closeup view of the inside of the Material Transfer Hatch Active Kombi C and its closing doors on the bottom of the cube for throwing waste
Closeup interior view of the Material Transfer Hatch Active Kombi C
Ortner Plus Symbolgrafik

Ortner PLUS

  • Compact solution for separated material flows
  • Possibility of integrating a waste function for direct waste disposal
  • Easy and convenient to clean inside and out

Technical Data

brushed stainless steel 1.4301, profile frame double wall construction
brushed stainless steel 1.4301
Electrical connection data
230 VAC / 0.5 A / 50 Hz, (1A for fan module)
2 profile door elements with double glazing
Door hinge
DIN L (unclean) / DIN R (clean)
Door seal
lip seal EPDM
Air volume supply and exhaust air
Max. 100 m³/h
Supply air filter
1 piece HEPA H14, 220 × 220 × 71 mm, gel
Relay control
LED button green

Additional Options

Emergency open button
Acoustic door signal
Doors preferably open (de-energized open)
Digital display locking time
Automatic pressure control
Supply module with fan
Exhaust air filter H14 with filter housing
Close the window