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Stricter Food Standards and a Change in Purchasing Behavior

A germ-free environment and consistently high hygiene are now just as important for the quality of meat and sausage products as the know-how of the master butcher or the quality of the raw materials themselves. This is because microbiological germs such as bacteria and fungi usually cause losses in quality, taste and shelf life, in some cases considerable, only after slaughter, i.e. along the processing and supply chain.

While biological methods were used for preservation in the past, chemical preservation has become the standard with the onset of the industrial age. In the meantime, however, greater attention is being paid to this- on the one hand with stricter food standards, and on the other hand through changed purchasing behavior. Consumers today demand higher quality. In many cases, price is no longer the most important purchasing criterion.

High Consumer Expectations

The influence of raw materials on the quality and minimum shelf life of food products is greater in no other industry than in the meat processing industry. To this end, processing into end products with different types, packaging and consumption units, for example in slicing centers, is constantly increasing.

The risk of contamination spreading between cooked products, smoked products, raw products or mixed products is particularly high: Various cleaning or disinfection processes and strict, elaborate process separation are required. And especially working in rooms with low temperatures and in an environment with meat waste is very strenuous for the production personnel.

Cleanroom solutions from Ortner for meat, sausage & convenience industry

We place the highest value on the preservation of product quality as well as on flexible, needs-based solutions and standards that far exceed those required by law.

Thanks to technologies used, gentle treatment without chemical preservatives and additional thermal processes is possible. Ortner's clean room system solutions ensure competitive advantage and economic success through:

  • Gentler production possibilities
  • Retention of product quality
  • Controlled production environment
  • Stable, consistent production conditions
  • Longer product runtimes
  • Longer transport and storage capability
  • Avoidance of returns

Keeping Critical Zones Clean

Innovative products and solutions in the laminar flow sector ensure the safe production and packaging of meat products: From production lines and machines to processing rooms and service counters. 

Especially in critical areas, such as for slicing and packaging meat products, protection against contamination is essential.

To create a germ- free environment, innovative processes such as UVc surface disinfection and filter technology are used. UVc rays are part of sunlight and disinfect without chemicals or heat. Therefore, the quality of the products is not changed.

Ortner places the highest value on maintaining product quality as well as flexible, needs-based solutions and standards that far exceed those required by law.

Ortner Plus Symbolgrafik

Ortner PLUS

  • Guaranteed consistently high product quality right through to the packaged goods
  • Increased product safety
  • Lowest possible bacterial count CFU <1
  • Gentle treatment without chemical preservatives and additional thermal processes
  • Guarantees longer shelf life
  • Keeps critical zones clean

Depending On your Requirements, Various Plants And Systems Are Available To You:

Without Chemical Preservatives and Additives

Solution: Ortner Technology & Know- how. Gently and naturally extend the product life.


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