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Your Requirements

  • Safe and validatable decontamination processes
  • Avoidance of condensate formation during room decontamination
  • Uniform and fast gas mixture distribution

Ortner Solutions

Intelligent decontamination nozzle systems for uniform and rapid gas distribution in a room, including niches.


Optimized Air and Gas Guidance

Patented nozzle systems from Ortner were designed according to state- of- the- art CFD simulations.

Due to the optimized air and gas flow, even faster and more efficient cycle times of a bio-decontamination are possible.

The controllable nozzles enable the control of individual outlets so that even difficult room geometries can be optimally flowed through.

Unique Design

The shape of the nozzle is unique. Since the nozzle has no moving elements, particle abrasion can be excluded.

Its shape and control thus ensure room air circulation within the shortest possible time.

The special shape of the nozzle, as well as its positioning and angular position, guarantee a high depth effect and prevent condensation.

Ortner Plus Symbolgrafik

Ortner PLUS

  • Uniform distribution of the gas concentration in the room
  • Due to the special design a high pulse current is generated
  • High induction power and a deep effect of the gas flow
  • Rapid achievement of a uniform concentration in the room
  • Special room geometries can be optimally gassed

Fokus on the Big Picture

Experienced Ortner-DECON team always keeps the big picture in mind to deliver the best results of any decontamination process. 

Advantage of Knowledge. Full Service Partner. Expert Status.

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