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Safety Cabinets

The safety cabinets from Berner sets completely new standards for safety cabinets in terms of performance, function and design through the sum of the components and features presented.

The combination with the widest range of options up to customized one-offs open up infinite possibilities for individual applications and highest safety, which are not matched by any other product on the market.

 A white box. The top part, which is about a third of the box, is closed and has the words "berner" in the middle. The two side parts of the middle part have glass panes. The front also has a glass pane, but it does not go all the way to the bottom edge of the middle part. On the back wall, you can see a larger screen with a blue and gray pattern on it. On the top edge of the middle part is a black area, on which is a small screen. The middle part has a surface consisting of four smaller plates as a separation from the lowest part of the box. All four plates have small holes. The bottom part of the box consists of two side walls and a slightly slanted plate that goes down approximately in the middle of the box.
A grid consisting of four rows of wide grooves. Underneath, four square plates with one hole each shine through. To the left of the plate, the part of a glass wall can be seen. Behind the grid, a silver wall can be seen. In front of the grid is a silver plate and in the left corner is the section of a grid.
HEPA cartridge filter for lower sound level and energy consumption
 A woman wearing a white protective suit and blue protective gloves is sitting at a silver table. She holds a pipette in her left hand and a small glass in her right hand. In front of her is a yellow holder for small laboratory vials. A small balance stands in front of her on the right. The table has a superstructure whose side walls have glass panes. The back wall is silver and has a medium-sized screen in the center. A black surface with a small screen is mounted on the superstructure at head height.
The "Shield Design" provides protection for the operator
 The drawing shows two narrow boxes. The left one is high and slightly rounded from about the middle upwards. The lower part is black up to about half and the other half is gray. The upper part of the box is gray and has a viewing window in the lower part. To the left of the box are the outlines of a standing person reaching into the box with his right hand. On the right side of the box are two arrows next to each other, each of which is the height of the entire box and once reaches the middle - where the viewing window begins. The box on the right side is a bit smaller than the left box. Instead of the wide black area, there is only a small black bar. To the left of the box are again the outlines of a person sitting on a stool. Again, to the right of the box are two arrows next to each other. One of them again points to the total height of the box, the other one again goes up to the height of the viewing window.
Flexible adjustment of the ergonomically optimal working height - standing or seated

Safety Cabinet

Protection Shield
The multiple award- winning "Shield Design" testifies to high design quality that combines innovation in form and function in an exemplary manner.

Touch Display
Intuitive operation and user- friendly menu navigation.

Innovative LED Lighting Technology
In addition to the LED illumination of the workspace, lateral light bands and an illuminated pane edge in the user's field of vision visualize the current operating status or alarms and guarantee maximum safety.

Safety Cabinet At a Glance

Movement Measurement System
Detection system for personal movements and resulting disturbance currents in the vicinity of the work opening generates clear warnings and raises the awareness of laboratory personnel

Filter Technology
New HEPA cartridge filters for even lower sound level and energy consumption.

Particularly quiet, bright operating conditions, individually adjustable work surface height and optimum legroom even with 3- filter units thanks to the particularly compact design of the first main filter stage.

Safety Cabinet- At a Glance

Using our own research, development and design, we can implement individual customer requirements. Whether optional or customized, Claire pro safety cabinets offer endless possibilities.

Innovative technology & Auto-On-Off function reduces operating costs by up to 84%.

Seal of Quality
Multiple award- winning product design in the selection criteria of degree of innovation, safety, sustainability, aesthetics, industrial feasibility and implementation.

Customized Special Designs

We have been offering special equipment and complex, customized special designs in the proven Berner FlowSafe® generation for many years and continue to provide these services for our safety workbenches and our customers!

  • Compounder & pipetting robot
  • Lateral attachments for Claire pro
  • Containment stretches
  • Sample access through the bottom
  • Sampling from drum
  • Media and reactor connections
  • Drying chamber
  • Rear wall integration 2 monitors
  • Exhaust air cooling
  • UPS in safety cabinet
  • Combinations of e.g. SWB isolator, SWB- SWB
  • Stainless steel version

Accessories & Options

Put together your safety cabinet according to your personal ideas and individual needs- the choice is yours! Also take advantage of our webinar, which gives you an overview of the design adaptations as well as the integrated additional functions and particularly suitable devices. In addition to theoretical information, the webinar also includes practical demonstrations at the workbench.

For more information, see the Options & Accessories for Safety Cabinets webinar.


Option Examples

  • Interfaces
  • Visual display workstation
  • Microscope workstations
  • Electrically height- adjustable base frame
  • High- speed infrared sterilizer Inoculation eye sterilizer
  • UVC lamp
  • Weighing worktop
  • UPS units
  • Media connections & particle monitoring
  • Special coatings and trays
  • Exhaust air connection FlexDuc

or also safe waste disposal directly from the SWB via the integrated waste disposal system BERNER SealSafe Sensor+.

There are hardly any limits to the expansion possibilities.
Talk to us!

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