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Patents and design protection have two main purposes: First, the development of protectable products or processes promotes the innovative potential of teams and increases their motivation. Patents are thus a good tool for making the sense of achievement in companies tangible. In addition, they contribute to a companys image and encourage further creative action.

And on the other hand, patents and property rights give companies the chance to serve new markets and make new contacts. Economic success is also a goal, but is not guaranteed. The exploitation of patents is therefore a management decision.

In our case, this also involves the development of cleanroom technology in general, as well as a broad cleanroom technology application.

Therefore, we at Ortner examine very carefully whether to apply for property rights or to proactively present our knowledge and findings on the market.

Ortner Intellectual Property

  • Photodynamic Decontamination of Surfaces
    12/22/2011 Prevention of microbial growth on surfaces by photodynamic processes
  • Activation Equipment
    12/22/2011 Handheld device for activation of photodynamic decontamination in hard-to-reach zones
  • Method for Fast and Efficient Decontamination of a Room
    15/03/2010 Contents include a special nozzle system for room decontamination
  • Personal Decontamination Airlock
    18/02/2010 sluice for simple and sustainable decontamination of persons in the clothed state
  • ISU - Interactive Superinduce Unit
    10/03/2009 Equipment for the generation and introduction of H₂O₂ into rooms or plants. Suitable also for complex geometries
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