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PDc Textile Air Hose (Food)

Germ- free air injection using PDc technology

Innovative inactivation of germs. The PDc textile air hose ensures draught-free introduction and uniform distribution of air in the meat and delicatessen industry. While conventional textile air hoses run the risk of surface contamination, Ortner's innovative PDc technology effectively inhibits the growth potential of microorganisms.

Decontamination with light. The photodynamic disinfection principle kills almost all microorganisms. Light-induced disinfection (photodynamics) is based on a reaction of light with a specific dye (photosensitizer). When the right light wave hits the tissue, the photosensitizer automatically activates and forms a highly reactive oxygen. This oxygen inactivates possible germs and bacteria.

 A white tube is attached to the center of a white rectangular bar. On this white tube hangs a thick blue hose. To the left and right of it, transparent straight curtains hang down from the ledge. On the front of the bar, in the lower right corner, there is a small blue sheet that says "ortner cleanrooms unlimited".
 On one ceiling is a white rectangular bar. Between the two longer strips hangs a thick hose, which is made of blue fabric. You can see the underside of the hose. On the left and right, as well as at the bottom of the picture, there are transparent, smooth curtains.
Combination of a special RR textile and a special light source form the basis for a germ reduction of up to 99%
 From the lower edge of the picture, a conveyor belt runs to the back on which three rows of Gugelhupf are lined up. Above the conveyor belt, a white bar is attached to the ceiling. Between the two longer strips, hangs a thick hose, which is made of blue fabric. You can see the underside of the hose. On the left and right, as well as in the lower edge of the picture, there are transparent, smooth curtains.
The PDc air hose system consists of a longitudinal support structure
 In einem Raum sieht man durch einen mit durchsichtigen, glatten Vorhängen abgetrennten Bereich. In Form eines Rechtecks sind dort drei Fließbänder sichtbar, auf denen längliche Kuchen liegen. Hinten rechts ist eine Maschine, durch deren Öffnung das Fließband verläuft. Oberhalb des Fließbandes verlaufen Leisten. In diesen Leisten sind genau oberhalb des Fließbands entlang dicke blaue Schläuche angebracht, die aus Stoff sind und die selbe Breite haben, wie das Fließband.
Modular connection systems allow the system to be used flexibly

Easy Assembly. Easy Maintenance

The PDc textile air hose system consists of a longitudinal support structure, equipped with fastening and mounting device, velcro fastener receptacle for the textile air hose and permanently installed lighting technology.

The air hose is simply mounted on the supporting structure and irradiated from the inside. Flexibility is ensured by special additional components such as bend elements, T- pieces, branches, connection systems and connecting elements.

PDc Technology

Photodynamic Disinfection certified Technology" is a newly developed, patented process developed by Ortner for the effective, microbiological inactivation of germs on surfaces with light in combination with a photosensitizer. The technology is harmless to humans. This makes it possible for the first time to decontaminate people in their working environment and thus minimize the transmission of germs by humans.

Reduction of Necessary Filter Elements

Due to the permanent disinfection effect, the upstream filter unit can be minimized in design or reduced to a filter class F9 in case of clean room requirements (no HEPA filters necessary).

Ortner Plus Symbolgrafik

Ortner PLUS

  • PDc- Dastat fabric prevents growth potential for microorganisms
  • High retention capacity of the textile air sleeve (filter effect similar to F7 filter)
  • Photodynamic effect even after 80 washing processes
  • Easy installation
  • Ease of maintenance

Technical Data

Textile hose diameter
NW 200 - 800 mm
Textile hose fabric
Dastex L11- 78- 31- A or Dastat PDcT K21- 78- 41- A2
Air permeability
150 m³/h/m² at approx. 100 Pa
Filter effect
Approx. F7
Disinfection efficiency
>90% to 99% (depending on irradiation time)
Washing resistance
> 80 washing cycles n. RKI
Lighting technology
Fluorescent tubes
Connected load
230 V/50 Hz - 30 W/lfm
Operating control
Central switching on/off
Supporting structure
Fine sheet V2A 1.4301
Tube fastening
Velcro fastener


90°/ 45° bends/ distribution systems/ fittings
Pre- filter systems
Central air supply / ventilation units

PDc technology
Germ-free air delivery

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