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Sales and Service Partner

Worldwide, we cooperate with the following competent partners:


Animalab equips laboratories that work with animals or animal products. AnimaLab also offers validation of laboratory equipment.

Armaghan Dyiar Dariush

Armaghan Dyiar Dariush Co. Ltd. is an Iranian-based technical service provider and trading company which is part of the DARIUSLAND Group. Since 2015, Armaghan Dyiar Dariush has ensured that Iranian pharmaceutical producers work at the highest level and in compliance with the EU GMP.

The company is active in the following areas:
- Pharmaceutical Production Plants
- Hospitals and Clinics
- Laboratories


Berner has been developing high-quality protection systems for pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies for over 30 years. In addition to safety cabinets, the Bernese company offers insulators, waste sealing equipment and complex protective equipment for laboratory staff and pandemic workers.

Bio Services

The Dutch company has been working with certified subcontractors since the 1990s, producing for pharmaceutical companies, universities and laboratories. Bio Services is the leading company in the Netherlands in the development, supply and installation of products for biomedical research.

Fahliyn Company

The Fahliyan Company deals with the interaction and relationship between companies based in Europe and Iran. For Ortner, the Fahliyan Company acts as a representative to Iran and neighboring countries.

Holm & Halby

Holm & Halby has been distributing and servicing laboratory equipment for research laboratories in the pharmaceutical industry as well as in hospitals and universities for over 60 years. The company focuses on market-leading laboratory equipment to guarantee its customers innovative solutions from the world’s leading manufacturers.

Nordic Labtech

Nordic Labtech offers high-tech products and solutions in the fields of advanced protective ventilation, LAF equipment and incubators, thermal and climate cabinets for customers in research, industry, hospitals and pharmaceutical industry.


PHOENIX offers high-quality construction materials, sterilization and decontamination equipment as well as modern and sustainable service solutions. To achieve this, PHOENIX cooperates with renowned producers and suppliers worldwide.


Smarteq provides equipment for medical, scientific and industrial customers.

Sshemen Science

Sshemen Science manufactures, imports and sells life science equipment and consumables for research facilities in Korea.

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