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Personnel Showers: Wet Shower, Fog Shower, Emergency Shower

Effective protection against contamination carryover.

Prevention of contamination from risk areas.

Specially designed for pharmaceutical, chemical, laboratory or BSL Zone D applications, the GMP- compliant personnel wet shower reduces carryover of contamination from risk areas, ensuring the best possible personal protection.

Efficient, cost- effective and easy to maintain. As a factory- qualified system, the Ortner personnel wet shower is designed for five main processes: Personal Cleaning, Chamber Cleaning, Drying, Disposal, and Maintenance and Service.

A fluorescence test is also performed to verify the cleaning quality of wet processes.

Automated and validatable cleaning processes can be tailored to specific needs.

 A large cabinet diagonally from the front. On the right side is a closed door with large glass pane. On the front is also a door with a large glass pane on the left. It is almost completely open. On the right is a small attached box that is beveled at the top. From the bottom comes a short, thick tube. The left side of the cabinet also has a door with a glass panel, which is closed. On the upper right corner is a yellow- red button.
 A person in white protective clothing can be seen from the center of the body downward. The left knee is resting on a grid floor, the right leg is raised. With both hands wearing blue protective gloves, the person lifts a grid floor. Underneath is a silver floor that has a hole in the middle.
Two- part grating for easy removal and cleaning
 Close- up of a silver wall from which comes a narrow pipe, from which in turn comes a nozzle. Below it at the bottom is a coarse grid.
Shower nozzles for washing off hazardous substances which adheres to the protective suit
From the right comes a hand wearing a blue protective glove and a silver flap that flips up in an indentation with silver walls. Underneath is a white hole.
Bag- out port for safe disposal of protective clothing

High- End Solution for the Decontamination of Persons

The  best possible protection for your personnel

The GMP- compliant personnel shower for wet processes reduces the risk of contamination or carryover of hazardous substances and offers optimum personnel protection.

All Ortner personnel showers are designed for reproducible processes.

A fluorescence test is performed to verify the quality of cleaning for wet processes.

Riboflavin Test for Cleaning Validation

As part of the test, riboflavin is applied to the surfaces and the cleaning procedure is carried out. 

The control of the cleaning quality is performed by visual inspection using UV lamp.

The control of the cleaning quality is performed by visual inspection using UV lamp.
The control of the cleaning quality is performed by visual inspection using UV lamp.
Photo of the UV light inside cleanroom
Riboflavin test for cleaning solution
Riboflavin UV test shown
Riboflavin UV test on object
Ortner Plus Symbolgrafik

Ortner PLUS

  • Factory- qualified product with automatic cleaning processes
  • Freely adjustable rinsing times for more flexibility in handling
  • Reduction of water droplets on doors through automatic blow-off with compressed air (clean air)
  • Particularly easy maintenance and servicing
  • Efficient, cost- effective alternative to conventional systems

Technical Data

Material housing and chamber surface
Brushed stainless steel EN-ISO 1.4301
Electrical connection data
230 VCA / 16A / 50 Hz
Electrical power consumption
approx. 0.7KW
Fogging nozzles
4 pieces
Chamber cleaning nozzles
1 pcs., with bag- out port 2 pcs.
Control system
Siemens SPS 1200
Operation/ signaling
Illuminated pushbuttons red/ green/ yellow
Door seals
Lip seals
Water monitoring
Flow switch
Protection class
Door stop
2 door DIN L/ DIN R unclean/ clean
Pneumatic connections
3/4" 6 bar oil and water free
Door interlock
E- door opener incl. signal contact
Air consumption
door nozzles 4 pcs. 1380l/ min, fog nozzles 4 pcs. 2l/ min, chamber cleaning 18l/ min, max. compressed air consumption 1380/ min

Additional Options

Door cleaning nozzles (2 nozzles per door)
Bag- out port
3 doors (special design on customer request)
Compressed air monitoring
Breathing air interface
Foot sole cleaning
Upper door closer

Models (dimensions in mm)

Inner chamber (WxHxD)
Overall dimensions (WxHxD)
1160 x 2100 x 1160
1300 x 2700 x 1300
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