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H2O2 Gas Generator ISU Stationary

For complex decontamination processes in large rooms.

Simultaneous decontamination of several rooms. The ISU Stationary was developed for complex decontamination processes. The dimensioning of the powerful unit allows simultaneous decontamination of room volumes of over 1500 m³.

Gas is introduced via a gas distribution system: A pipe system connects the ISU unit to the six- jet nozzles.

Fully automated and centrally controlled. The fully automated decontamination system is positioned outside the rooms to be fumigated. The entire system is centrally controlled, and every system and room condition, as well as valve positions, are monitored. The generated data is available to the operator in real time.

Operation via touch panel. The stationary ISU system is operated via touch panels. The main panel is located directly on the unit. A second panel is operated outside the room where the plant is located. The H2O2 decontamination process is started from this panel.

Operation is via touch panels and the plant is monitored via a higher- level process control system
H2O2 reservoir up to 100 liters allows to decontaminate an enormous volume of space at the same time
Gas distribution takes place via a pipe system connecting the ISU unit with the decontamination nozzles

Safe Bio- Decontamination of Enormous Room Volumes

The ISU Stationary is a permanently installed H2O2 gas generator for dry bio- decontamination of surfaces. The dimensioning of the system makes it possible to decontaminate enormous room volumes simultaneously.

The ISU Stationary is delivered as a completely ready- to- use and factory- qualified system.

Fully Automated and Centrally Controlled

Fully automated decontamination is logged by the system
Visualization via touch panels
Clocked controllable nozzle systems are connected to the ISU plant via a pipe system
Ortner Plus Symbolgrafik

Ortner PLUS

  • Powerful evaporation module of up to 18 g H2O2/ min
  • Communication and control via a higher- level process control system
  • Automatically controlled volume flow of up to 350 m³/ h
  • H₂O₂ holding tank ≥ 65 liters
  • Applicable ≥ 800 m³ room volume
  • Plug & play system
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