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A WE is Stronger than an I

We are convinced that corporate success can no longer be measured in terms of financial profit.

Global issues such as climate change, energy and food security, ever- shorter economic cycles, and demographic change are changing markets and demand patterns and posing major challenges for entrepreneurial action.

Children have a right to expect adults to pay attention to the world they leave them.

Our commitment and dedication to being a leader in sustainability has always been deeply embedded in our corporate values.

Our mission is also to work for a "better world" in general. With outstanding products and performance, we are already on a sustainable course.

Together, we want to do even more for it.

"We are convinced that every human being carries the potential for sustainable innovations within him or her. We would like to highlight this potential and devote all our energy to the future of cleanroom technology based on "nature's example", and to help shape this future sustainably on the basis of sound fundamental research."

Stefanie Rud
CEO Ortner Group

Sustainable Development Goals

The United Nations 2030 Agenda, to which all 193 member states committed in 2015, offers a blueprint for peace and prosperity and the survival of our planet Earth.

We want to join this with great ambition. We have chosen specific goals because we are convinced that we can make a contribution here, albeit on a small scale, to a "better world".

Our defined goals 3,4,8,12,13 and 17 combine economic, social and ecological aspects and represent a common basis for a sustainable future. Within the scope of our possibilities, we are doing everything we can to get a good deal closer to these goals.

We Operate Sustainably

We at Ortner are constantly concerned with the development of efficient measures that will also enable the next generations to live together in prosperity.

Constantly improving the overall quality of the company and thus our quality of life is our declared goal.

The principle of sustainability underlies every single one of our processes.

We make a valuable contribution to reducing greenhouse gases and protecting resources. For this, we have been audited and certified by the WEISS Institute for Business Ethics for meaningful social responsibility.

With the Trigos award- winning project "Too good for the garbage can", we have already made an important contribution to raising awareness in terms of appreciation.

The performance of the DecAx clean room technology was praised and awarded in the category Social Innovation & Future Challenges, at the Trigos 2020, Regional Carinthia as particularly "socially relevant and sustainable". The project "Too good for the garbage can", initiated by Ortner and implemented in cooperation with the meat producer Hütthaler, is about the targeted abandonment or reduction of preservatives, but also consciously made appreciation for food and foodstuffs.

Our Contribution to CO2 Reduction

  • With our products and services, we ensure that the resources given by nature can be utilized industrially in the best possible way.
  • We invest in alternative decontamination technologies.
  • Our products are conceived and designed in such a way that raw materials, energy, water and other goods are used as economically and purposefully as possible.
  • Our products are optimally designed for long- term use.
  • We are committed to protecting our immediate habitat.
  • We are committed to establishing sub- suppliers in the immediate vicinity and ensure that we can choose the shortest possible transport route for our raw materials and purchased parts.

Photovoltaic Systems

Since 2015, photovoltaic systems have enabled the production site in Möllbrücke to supply itself with energy.

Conversion to E- Cars

In 2017, the conversion to e- cars began at Ortner

The Ortner SINNovation

... because everyone needs a buddy

Under this title, we work together on ideas and projects of particularly great, social value.

Why? To make the world a better place.

Sounds pretty ambitious, but it's the many small steps that make big things happen.

The main thing is that they are steps
that lead from the ME to the WE.

The first action took a small team from Ortner to Klagenfurt to the premises of Caritas. Together they prepared a festive lunch for the homeless.

This action has shown that respect and acceptance are the basics for us humans, communal and meaningful activities promote togetherness and team spirit, and that helping gives you the opportunity to feel yourself.