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Material Transfer Hatch Passive L

High quality design and function. The Passive L Material Transfer Hatch has a double construction wall and mutually electric interlocking doors with a large viewing window. The airlock is designed so that it can be freely and individually integrated into a wide variety of cleanroom walls.

Rapid entry and exit. The material transfer hatch provides an effective solution for the rapid and efficient inward and outward transfer of materials and products between rooms of different cleanliness classes, especially in the pharmaceutical industry, life science production facilities as well as chemical areas and research facilities.

Perfect purity. All Ortner Transfer Hatches feature a hygiene-optimized design, with a disinfectant-resistant stainless steel housing. The Passive L material transfer hatch is designed for cleanrooms from ISO cleanroom Class 4 and GMP Class B.

An empty white box in the form of a cube. The door is completely made of glass and is closed. On the left side is a sliding latch with a round knob to open and close the glass door. In the upper half of the elevation are a red and a green button. In the upper right corner of the door frame it says "Ortner Cleanrooms Unlimited". Through the glass door, another glass door can be seen on the other side.
 A silver box in the shape of a cube that has a slightly open door made entirely of glass. On the left side of the glass door is an elevation with a knob and a sliding latch. On the left door frame is also an elevation in which the sliding latch can engage. Above it are a red and a green knob. In the upper right corner of the door frame it says "Ortner Cleanrooms Unlimited".
You can see the cutout of a door. A glass door is built into the silver door frame. On this glass door there is an elongated elevation with a silver thin handle. The elevation goes up to the door frame. Above this elevation is an elongated knob that goes from top to bottom and extends above the elevation.
Exterior view of the Material Transfer Hatch Passive L

For Highest Purity Requirements

All-glass doors made of ESG panes are used on the operating sides of the airlock.

The completely smooth inner and outer surfaces guarantee the highest cleanliness requirements.

The door lock and the traffic light display are mounted in the double wall.

Can be Integrated Into a Wide Variety of Cleanroom Walls

Front outside view of the Material Transfer Hatch Passive L with the doors open
Close- up view of the hinges of the glass opening door and how it connects to the Transfer Hatch
A large white room with 14 separated high glass panes. Every fourth pane of glass has a box built into the lower part in landscape format. At the box at the very front, the door, which is completely made of glass, is open. The door has a black handle. Behind the glass panes you can see another large white room.
Ortner Plus Symbolgrafik

Ortner PLUS

  • Structure: Frame double wall construction
  • Interior and exterior comfortability and easy to clean

Technical Data

brushed stainless steel 1.4301, double-wall construction; sheet metal construction
brushed stainless steel 1.4301
Electrical connection data
230 VAC / 2 A / 50 Hz
2 all-glass doors made of ESG glass
Door hinge
DIN L (unclean) / DIN R (clean)
Door seal
Hollow chamber seal EPDM
Relay control integrated in material pass-through
LED button green

Weitere Informationen

Additional Options

Emergency open button
Acoustic door signal
Doors preferably open (de-energized open)
Digital display of locking time (external installation may be necessary)
Mounting frame for clean room wall
Close the window