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High Demands on Microbiological Safety and Purity.
In vivo research, is a topic that polarizes. It is undisputed that testing on living organisms is often still the only way to develop new drugs and treatments for humans, as well as drugs for animals, and to reliably demonstrate their efficacy.

Protecting People, Animals and Products
Whether in the laboratories or in the treatment or quarantine areas, hygiene and cleanroom technology have a high priority. Disinfecting people during entry or, in special cases, during exit, requires very special equipment, techniques and procedures. Equally important is the decontamination of the rooms and the facilities and equipment they contain.

On the right is a shelf. On two shelves are several small transparent boxes, on the top of which is attached a bottle that goes into the box. To the left of the shelf is a closed box and to the left of it is another shelf with boxes.
On the right side is a box with rounded corners on rollers. The sides are white and each has a long bar on the upper half, which serves as a handle. The rest of the box is blue. In the middle is a depression in the form of a strip. There on the left side it says "ortner" and below that it says "cleanrooms unlimited". In the right part of the blue upper part it says "ISU 1.0" and "H2O2". Below the top edge of the blue part, a white recessed area begins and extends back to the top of the box. On the white area is a screen and to the left of it is a yellow and red button. Two long gray tubes come out of the left side of the box. One of them goes past the box and is connected to a downward bent pipe coming out of a wall. Next to it is another such bent pipe. Right next to the box, on the right side, is a white cube, on long gray, thin table legs. On the cube are an orange and a red light. Both are not turned on. On the front of the cube is a very small screen.

Ortner cleanroom solutions for microbiologically clean environments and reliable processes

As a system supplier for cleanroom equipment and surface decontamination systems, we design microbiologically and particle clean environments to protect people, animals, products, research work and the environment from contamination.

For years, we have supported pharmaceutical and biotech companies with innovative equipment, customized solutions, and decontamination technologies to help them master their pharmaceutical processes.  

Depending on your needs, various decontamination solutions, environmentally- friendly technologies and equipment are available:

Cleanroom Technology From Ortner Makes Industrial Research Safer and More Environmentally- Friendly

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