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Filter Fan Unit (GMP)

GMP and hygiene- compliant FFU

Point protection concept. Ortners GMP FFUs are designed to meet the special requirements of life science. The FFUs create a particle- and germ-free environment and are thus suitable as a highly effective protection concept for the punctual treatment of work and production areas.

Surface disinfection with UVc technology. In addition to the filtration of particles and germs via HEPA filters, the integrated UVc surface disinfection ensures sustainable microbiological stability and very long filter service lives.

The origin of this device development lies in the microelectronics industry in which such devices are used millions of times worldwide. The requirements from the GMP guidelines require partly other materials and constructive hygienic detail execution. An example of this is the DEHS filter system integrity test equipment, which is not included in the design of the microelectronics equipment.

At Ortner, we know the life science requirement very well and have tailored our FFU product line to meet these requirements. 

Pure Recirculating Air Operation

The germ- free air is blown in directly near the product and creates a microclimate around hazardous production areas.

GMP FFUs are pure recirculation systems. In addition to providing selective protection, they also help to improve indoor air quality. 

Spot Protection & Increased Indoor Air Quality

Ortner Plus Symbolgrafik

Ortner PLUS

  • Microbiological safety through filtration and surface disinfection
  • Extended filter service life of up to 5 years
  • Ready- to- plug- in and factory-qualified plant
  • Easy installation and commissioning
  • Complies with GMP guidelines

Filter Fan Unit
GMP and hygiene- compliant FFU

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