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Hygiene Cube

To extend the shelf life of food

Simply clean, simply self- sufficient. Production facilities in the food industry are often difficult to keep completely germ- free. That is why Ortner has developed flexible equipment such as the Hygiene Cube. This is a self-sufficient unit for the permanent circulation of room air.

When the air becomes thinner... it also becomes cleaner with the Hygiene Cube from Ortner. In other words, clean room quality is achieved through the dilution principle. Due to their high air volume, the Hygiene Cubes are ideal for creating clean room or clean space requirements.

Areas of application range from small to large room volumes, from production rooms, logistics and transfer areas, pre-production, processing and primary packaging to cooling areas.

 A white cube seen from below pictured. On the front right side is a depression in the form of fan blades, in the bottom right corner is a small blue rectangle in which "ortner cleanrooms unlimited". On the front left side there are three protrusions in the form of buttons in each of three rows. At the far top left are three small bars. At the bottom left is a blue rectangle that extends over half of the cube. It says "hygiene cube" on it. On the bottom, there are slits in the middle of two rows that together form a square area. In the lower left corner is a yellow-red button, a green button, a red button and a round indicator disc.
 In the lower part of the picture, several stacked crates are distributed around the room. Between them are three people wearing white coats, white face masks and white protective hoods, and blue protective gloves. One of them is standing at a gray tall machine that goes up in a cylinder shape. The lower part is slightly wider and has holes. The second person stands behind the crates and has a large piece of meat in both hands. The third person is walking from left to right. In the middle of the picture, a white wide hose runs along the ceiling to the back. In the center of the ceiling hangs a silver cube. The top edge of the cube is mounted directly to the ceiling. The left, right and bottom edges of the cube are wide strips, so that the central part forms a square area. There are three rows with three holes each.
Germ-free production environment for guaranteed freshness and shelf life
 In front of a shelf, which consists of many individual boards, lie large wheels of cheese. A man wearing a white protective coat and a blue protective hood is standing in front of the shelf. He lifts one of the cheese loaves slightly with both hands.
Flexible use, from production to transfer and processing to storage and cooling areas
 On a conveyor belt running from the lower left corner to the upper right corner, four rows of cookies are stacked one after the other. To the left of the conveyor belt is another small one. Another conveyor belt also passes horizontally under the first run.
Highest cleanroom conditions directly at the food processing site
Ortner Plus Symbolgrafik

Ortner PLUS

  • Established room protection concept for extending the shelf life of food products
  • Low investment, low energy costs
  • CFU < 50/ 100 m³ room volume achievable
  • Microbiological safety through integrated UVc disinfection
  • Internal surface disinfection prevents recontamination during production process
  • Optional air discharge on one, two, three or four sides
  • Ready- to- plug- in and factory- qualified system
  • Complies with GMP and HACCP guidelines

Technical Data

brushed stainless steel 1.4404
Rated power
2.5 kW/ 3.5 A
nominal voltage
400 VAC / 50 Hz
Control system
Filter stages
G4 - H14
Filter monitoring
electr. differential pressure switch
UVc light technology 1x20 Watt
Air concept
Air volume (circulation capacity)
max. 3000 m³/ h (4x750 m³/ h)
Air guidance system
induction flow through jet nozzles
hygienic design


External touch panel
Optional laminarizer instead of nozzle plate
Multi- sided air discharge (standard version: two- sided air discharge)

Permanent Air Circulation

The particulate and microbiologically contaminated production air is sucked in by the hygiene cube, filtered free of particles and blown out sterilized by means of UVc irradiation. The design of the system allows the clean air to be discharged on one side, two, three or all four sides.

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