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Fully Automated H2O2 Airlock accessible

The environmentally friendly H2O2 technology for material airlock processes.

Ortners passable H2O2 material airlocks are suitable as cleanroom compatible decontamination systems for the aseptic introduction or introduction of heat- labile material.

The fast and gentle bio- decontamination with gaseous hydrogen peroxide runs fully automatically. The innovative nozzle system accelerates the gas inlet and outlet as well as the gas distribution within the chamber.

The airlock can be installed as a steplessly accessible version or as a variant on an existing floor. Different loading systems facilitate the daily handling in the airlock area.

The airlock can be easily operated via an intuitively structured user interface using a touch- screen panel. All processes can additionally be controlled and monitored via visualizations.

Picture of the H2O2 Lock as Ground-Level Design
Drivable H2O2 Locks as Ground-Level Designs
Pull- Out Cabinet with Integrated H2O2 Gas Generator
Automated H2O2 Locks Ensure Increased Flexibility and Safety

Controlled Room- to- Room Material Transfer

The passable material airlock is a powerful decontamination system for airlocking and sterilizing goods, material and equipment. 

The environmentally friendly H202 technology enables an almost unlimited application for material- saving airlock processes. 



Environmentally Friendly H2O2-Technology

Intuitive user interface
Rapid cycle times
Functional door system
Ortner Plus Symbolgrafik

Ortner Plus

  • Easy integration planning due to standardized compact design
  • Factory-qualified systems including a decontamination test run conducted at the factory
  • Integrated, pneumatically operated H2O2 generator for safe and stable decontamination processes
  • Simple seal replacement without the need for door removal
  • 5-liter H2O2 containers for multiple cycles
  • Extendable technical area for easy maintenance and calibration work
  • Split design with a plug/in system for easy installation, especially for complex installation situations.

Automated H2O2 Decontamination Airlock Systems

The automated H2O2 decontamination airlock system communicates with the driverless transport and building management system.

It can be integrated into an automated logistics system for a building.

Loading is possible by AGVs, as well as by human operators. The system also recognizes humans as AGVs (Automated Guided Vehicles). 

Zoom auf den unteren Teil einer geöffneten Glastüre einer Kammer. Drinnen steht ein automatisches Transportgerät, welches mit einem Wagen beladen ist. Dieser Wagen besteht aus Stangen und ist mit vielen kleinen Plastikboxen beladen.
Mittig ist eine geöffnete Glastüre, die in eine Kammer führt. Links daneben ist ein in die Wand eingelassener kleiner Bildschirm. Rechts neben der Glastüre ist ebenfalls ein kleiner in die Wand eingelassener Bildschirm und ein schwarzer und ein gelb-roter Knopf.
Mittig ist eine leicht geöffnete Glastüre, die in eine Kammer führt. Links daneben ist ein in die Wand eingelassener kleiner Bildschirm. Rechts neben der Glastüre ist ebenfalls ein kleiner in die Wand eingelassener Bildschirm und ein schwarzer und ein gelb-roter Knopf. Hinter der Glastüre ist ein Wagen zu sehen, der aus Stangen besteht und viele Plastikboxen geladen hat.


Power supply
400 VAC / 50 Hz /16 A
Max. supply air flow rate
Lock Chamber Tightness
Class 4 (DIN EN ISO 14644-7:2004)
Material of outer cladding
Stainless steel AISI 304, brushed surface
Surface of inner chamber
Brushed surface; Ra < 0.8μm
Material door frame
Natural anodized aluminum
Door material
ESG glass 2x6mm
Door seal
Maximum noise level
< 67 dB (A)
Supply air filtration technology
H14 Easy Change
Supply air filtration technology
H14 cassette filter
H14 filter DEHS test connections
Chamber differential pressure control
- 60 to + 60 Pascal
Control unit
Siemens S7 (Safety)
Optical signaling
Acoustic signaling Alarm buzzer
Outside 1x HMI 15", inside 1x sensor button with segment display
5 litersH2O2-concentration
H2O2 pump rate
1-10 grams
Recipe storage space
20x time-controlled; 5x dynamic


  • HC-Sensor – ProzessmonitoringHC Sensor – Process monitoring
  • LC Sensor – Monitoring of threshold limit values (MAK) at 3 measurement points
  • Air Velocity Sensor – Supply air flow rate
  • Differential Pressure Sensors – H14 filter monitoring



  • Potential-free contacts for
    • General fault (Out)
    • Emergency stop confirmed (Out)
    • H2O2 process "active" (Out)
    • Emergency release confirmed (Out)
    • Fire alarm signal (In)
    • General fault message (In)
    • External emergency stop (In)
  • OPC-UA
    • Ethernet


Additional Options:

  • LC-Sensor lock chamber monitoring
  • HC sensor lock chamber monitoring
  • LC sensors for room monitoring
  • Supply air fan
  • Exhaust air fan incl. chamber pressure control
  • Ram protection in the airlock chamber
  • Exhaust air HEPA filter H14
  • Catalyst 500 or 1000 m3/h and recirculation fan
  • Remote maintenance
  • Audit trail
  • Factory cycle development
  • Rail system
  • Non-contact / automatic door operators
  • Schuko sockets in the lock chamber
  • RFID access management
  • Chamber lighting


Impressions of H2O2 Decontamination Airlock

Models in standard version

Interior dimension (mm) W x H x D
Outer dimension (mm) W x H x D
2140 x 2750 x 1620
1300 x 2100 x 1500
2140 x 2750 x 2120
1300 x 2100 x 2000
2140 x 2750 x 2620
1300 x 2100 x 2500

* Models in standard version: Overall dimension outside in height with removable exhaust filter box, catalyst, fans and gas-tight dampers = 3900 mm. Possibility: Can also be placed in a remote or above technical area.

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