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Compact H2O2 Decontamination Airlock

Material- protecting and fully automated airlock processes

The Ortner H2O2 decontaminable airlock is suitable for aseptic introduction and/ or for the introduction of heat- labile material.

The rapid and gentle bio- decontamination with gaseous hydrogen peroxide functions fully automatically throughout. An innovative nozzle system additionally accelerates the gas inlet and outlet, as well as its distribution within the chamber.

The airlock can be operated simply and easily via an intuitively structured user interface using a touch- screen panel. All processes can be controlled and monitored via visualizations.

Various racking and loading systems facilitate daily handling in the airlock area.



In the right half of the picture is a two-part silver cabinet, which reaches the ceiling. The top part of the left half has a closed door. Below it is an opening through which you can see into a room. The opened glass door goes to the right. In front of the opening is a small gray table on casters. It has two shelves. The lower one is just a little bit above the casters and empty. The upper shelf is exactly at the same height as the Schrak's opening. On the storage surface, there are a total of twelve thick, transparent bottles filled with a transparent liquid and with blue screw caps. On the two edges of the table, which do not go to the cabinet, there is a bar, which is a large handle that first goes up and then joins in the middle. The right part of the cabinet consists of two silver panels. In the uppermost one, at the level of the open glass door, is n small screen. A piece above it is a yellow triangle with a black border and a black pictured lightning bolt. Through the open glass door you can see a white square that has slats. The bottom panel has a small closed door in the lower left corner. In the left half of the picture is a large cabinet made of glass. In the right half, at about shoulder height, is a silver closed door. On the door frame it says "ortner".
Powerful H2O2 gas generator for rapid processes
In a silver wall is a dark gray rectangular thin frame. Inside this dark gray thin frame is a light gray thicker frame. In the upper left corner it says "siemens" and in the upper right corner it says "simatic multi panel". In the middle is a light blue thin frame. To the right of it is written vertically "touch". In the light blue frame is a screen with a keyboard in the upper part. In the center is a gray rectangle with a blue stripe that is at the very top. In this blue stripe is written "Login". In the gray box, there are two white stripes below each other. Next to these stripes it says "User:" and "Password:" Below are two fields that say "OK" and "Cancel". To the left of this gray rectangle are gray stripes below each other, in which "Password" and "Parameter" are written. The labels of the remaining three stripes are hidden by a right hand, which is dressed with a white glove and a white sleeve. The index finger of this hand points to the field that says "OK". In the lower right corner of the screen is a small blue rectangle that says "Start Cycle".
Intuitive user interface for controlling processes
The cutout of the inside of a cabinet. On the left side wall there are rails. The top rail is empty, below it are three rails in which shelves are inserted, which are made of a grid. Next to the opening of the cabinet you can see the opened glass door, which has a black frame. The shelves are reflected in it.
Space-saving support arm systems

Controlled room-to-room transfer of material

The compact airlock is a powerful - as the name suggests - compact system for the infeed and sterilization of goods, material and equipment.

The environmentally friendly H2O2 technology enables an almost unlimited application for material-saving airlock processes.


Environmentally- Friendly H2O2 Lock Systems

Functional Door System
Unique gas guidance system
Safe and gentle bio-decontamination processes
Ortner Plus Symbolgrafik

The Ortner Plus

  • Easy integration due to standardized compact design
  • Integrated compressed air-driven H2O2 generator for faster decontamination processes
  • Accelerated gas injection and extraction through innovative nozzle system
  • Safe and validatable cycles
  • Factory qualified system
  • Factory performed decontamination test run
  • 5 liter H2O2 reservoir for multiple cycles
  • Plug & Play system

Technical data compact H2O2 airlock

Stainless steel EN-ISO 1.4301 brushed Ra < 1.6 µm
Stainless steel EN-ISO 1.4404 brushed Ra < 0.8 µm
Rated voltage
400 VAC/16 A /50 Hz
Pneumatic connection data
required compressed air quality according to DIN ISO 8573-1 6:4:4 min. 6 bar, 400 l/min
Glass doors ESG with aluminum frame, gas-tight
Door seal
Pneumatic silicone seal
Tightness class
4 according to DIN EN ISO 14644-7:2004 (D) and ISO
Supply air filter
HEPA H14 filter/final
Siemens S7 1500
HMI min. 10"
Clean side: touch panel, emergency stop button
Clean side: touch panel, emergency stop button
Signaling: RGB - light bar, alarm buzzer
Rated power
3,8 kW/8,5 A
Rated voltage
3 × 400 VAC/ 50 Hz /N/PE

Technical data H2O2 generator (integrated)

Rated power
3.8 kW/8.5 A
Rated voltage
3 × 400 VAC/ 50 Hz /N/PE
Control system
Siemens S7 1500
high precision metering pump +/- 1%
external - via airlock
Volume flow
variable up to 25 m³/h
H₂O₂ reservoir
5 liters (technically pure H2O2)
Injection rate

Additional options

  • LC Sensor lock chamber monitoring
  • HC sensor lock chamber monitoring
  • LC sensors for room monitoring
  • Supply air fan
  • Exhaust air fan incl. chamber pressure control 
  • Exhaust air HEPA filter H14
  • Catalyst 500 or 1000m³/ h- & recirculation fan
  • Remote maintenance
  • Audit trail 
  • Factory cycle development
  • Track system/ pull- out system
  • Touchless/ automatic door operators
  • RFID access management

Communication Interfaces

  • OPC
  • Potential- free contacts for sum fault signal and emergency stop from external
  • Network connection Scalance Router

Impressions H2O2 decontamination airlock

Modelle in Standardausführung

Innenkammer (mm) B x H x T
Außenabmessung (mm) B x H x T
1000 x 1000 x 1250
1240 x 3100* x 1373
800 x 1000 x 1250
1040 x 3100* x 1373
1000 x 1000 x 800
1240 x 3100* x 923
800 x 1000 x 800
1040 x 3100* x 923

* The cleanroom ceiling in the room in which the airlock is integrated must be at least 2800 mm high for maintenance accessibility.

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